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Offical Slimeball Rules
[Updated Since 27 August 2019.]

These rules may subject to change at anytime.

(( The punishments is as following: Number. Rule. Time Type | Time Type ect... ))
(( Please Note M Is Minutes, D Is Days & W Is Weeks ))

1. Always be respectful. We don't want toxism on the network ruining the experience for other players. 7D Ban | 30D Ban | Blacklist.
2. Glitching/Abusing. If you are caught abusing a glitch you will be instantly blacklisted. No excuses. Abusing a glitch can absolutely ruin the server.
3. Scamming/IRL Trades. We do not recommend doing IRL Trades, use it at your own risk (( We also wont punish him/her for something you lost in a irl trade)). Next is scamming. This is 100% NOT allowed. 14D Ban | 30D Ban | Blacklist.
4. Alt limit. There is a alt limit of 3 alts per user. Glitching this to get more alts will result in a ban. 7D Ban | Blacklist.
5. No impersonating. If you are caught impersonating another staff member or user you will be BLACKLISTED
6. No Inappropriate Builds, Names & Skins. Builds: 7D Ban | 30D Ban | Blacklist. Skins: Must show proof of changing skin before you can get unbanned. Names: Must show proof of changing names before you can get unbanned.

To Appeal, Go to: